(This article was published as post in BookVim, a book video blog project I ran in 2009/2010. Interestingly, the project was discontinued.)

There is too much noise in the world.

We hear about environmental pollution every day, but in my day to day life I feel more impacted by information pollution.

Radio screaming, T.V. un-demanded, free junk newspapers, intrusive advertising, email forwards… way too much.

If our thoughts create our reality, we are not doing a good job at keeping them clean.


I speak too much.

I babble. Go on too long. Make a show.

I’m not too fond of entertainment shows. People get hooked on all kinds of TV series, always a new one coming up. I beg them not to lend me their DVDs, lest I become another cult follower. All is good in moderation, but these products are addictive by design.

It turns out I was creating content at BookVIM, sometimes for the sake of it.

Videos sharing my ideas, the ideas of others, and often a blurry mix.

As I sat down last Sunday to brainstorm a new chapter, I found my blank sheet was perfect. I didn’t have anything to add.

Sure, I could. But should I?


Since I decided not to promote this site, which was taxing me several hours a day, I no longer required a steady stream of new chapters to create a following.

This meant the Quantity factor was factored out.

I was left with Quality.

I started evaluating along these lines…

Would I rather have 5 mediocre noisy chapters a week, or one good chapter?

Taken further,

Would I rather have one good chapter a week, or 1 outstanding post whenever it comes?

The noise fades away with time. True value does not expire.

It’s not complicated to create a lot of content. Tiring perhaps, but anyone can do it. Pushing buttons to get a reaction, creating noise, and “connecting” with everyone on the Internet with the hopes that some of them will come back to your site… it’s doable. It comes with an expensive price tag though:

– Demands many precious hours every week (and it’s not that fun!).

– Pollutes the World with low quality information. Noise = Info-CO2.


It stands to reason one should not talk unless it is better than silence.

Please, if you see me rambling on, hit me hard so I can correct course.

Don’t come here waiting for dull entertainment anymore.

Do come here for the occasional valuable insight, and maybe some emotional juice.

I deeply appreciate each one of your visits. It’s humbling.

I just like a cleaner world.

Thank you.