Maxims & Aphorisms

  • “The best ingredient in any dish is hunger.”


  • “We live under the illusion that we are guaranteed to grow old.”


  • “Being humble is not downplaying your virtues, it is understanding you deserve no credit for the gifts you were given and are expected to share forward.”


  • “I despise the saying “back to real life”. As if the amazing journey you just had was not as real, if not more real, than the routine you are now accepting.”


  • “Intellectual humility should not be a matter of self-control, citizenship, or good manners. Rather, the inevitable result from realizing we live in a world too complex for any of us to fully understand.”

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  1. Sara Vaca Reply

    My favorite:

    “They didn’t know it was impossible, therefore they did it…”.

    And congrats on this very confusing-but-interesting site ;-P